The Best Place to Find Landscape Paintings for Sale


When collectors search for landscape paintings for sale, they’re more likely today to search the Internet than brick-and-mortar art galleries in their town. That’s a huge shift in collecting. The first, in fact, in the entire history of collecting. Never before have art lovers looked at images of a landscape painting in order to make purchase decisions rather than at the paintings themselves.

Limitless landscapes

Most contemporary galleries don’t even have landscape paintings for sale. When they do, they are often not the traditional sort. So you can spend a long day walking the art district streets of even a big city in America without seeing more than five or ten landscape paintings.

That’s where the Internet comes in. You can literally look at thousands of landscape paintings in a single hour. Yes, you’d rather be able to look at them in person, but that’s a small price to pay for being able to find exactly what you are looking for instead of what your local galleries happen to have on their walls.

But, beware . . .

Then there’s the downside of the Internet. It’s simply not the same as putting down your credit card and walking out with the art you love. You have to trust who you’re buying from.

This means, above all, being absolutely sure that you will receive the exact piece you ordered, that it will look exactly as it does in the photos, and that you can return it with no questions asked if you choose not to keep it.

European Art Underground, for example, offers a 125% buy back guarantee. We own nearly all of the paintings we sell, which means we believed in them enough to acquire them. They’re not with us on consignment. If someone finds they don’t love a piece they’ve ordered, we are happy to take it back. And we carry both modern and antique landscape paintings.

You need to be careful of eBay for obvious reasons, but you can even run into trouble with galleries. Check on the reputation, and again, be sure about the guarantee.

If you do these things, you’re much better off looking for landscape paintings online than wearing out your shoes trudging around visiting physical galleries. Everything is moving online, and art is no exception.