Robert Durham

You Can Leave Your Hat On, 2005
36 x 24 in
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I have noticed the work of this Tennessee-based painter for awhile now, and the superb craftsmanship and subject story appeal are so engaging. He's widely show, and has been part of exhibitions in museums, galleries and international shows. In his paintings there is usually something a bit mysterious, and sometimes even unnerving, going on - but you are not sure exactly what it is. This is from his own website: "In my experience, the habitual practice of painting is a way of reckoning with the world and a means of better understanding its intricacies and innumerable rabbit holes. My paintings take shape in a territory somewhere between imagination and physical reality. Within the narrative nature of the paintings an often disruptive and irrepressible element exposes the humor, contradictions and questionable conventions of the human condition." We are offering this eye-catching oil on linen at a significant discount from its original price in the gallery 16 years ago, as you can see by the photo of the label still attached to the back.