Charles François Daubigny

Vaches au Bord d'une Mare
Oil Paint
23 x 33 in

An oil on wood panel in stunningly good condition by renowned Barbizon painter Charles Daubigny. Everything checks out here: the signature, examination under UV light, the age of the wood panel, the fact that it is on a panel in the first place (common for him), even what is probably the ORIGINAL frame (and it is gorgeous and ornate). Has my absolute guarantee of authenticity. It's dated as well, though I can't make the date out. This beautiful landscape came out of a private collection in Georgia, and afterwards passed through a high-end auction house where it was carefully vetted and authenticated. Naturally I checked it out carefully myself before purchasing. The signature was actually under the lip of the frame when I first saw it - I repositioned the panel within the frame and there it was; it disappears under UV and is definitely part of the original painting and not added later, and is a perfect match for his recorded signatures. Again, compared to many of Daubigny's paintings, this one is in just amazing condition. I see no signs of inpainting or repair. I will not go into lots of detail here about Daubigny, as it is easy to Google him and find volumes of information about him. He was an important painter of the French Barbizon school, the painters of which anticipated Impressionism. Dimensions given are framed dimensions; actual image size is 12" x 22.5". Any questions, please feel free to ask.