Dan Tague

United We Stand (world-renowned photographer), -2010
Archival Pigment Print
16 x 16 in
Dan Tague is an internationally famous artist, in major museums including the Whitney and the Wiesman, and recipient of prestigious awards from organizations such as the Pollock Krasner Foundation and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. He was the first artist selected for the Prospect.2 Biennial. This series of shots of paper money folded to make political and cultural statements is the most famous of his work. There's a great BBC video about this series that pops up when you Google him. You'll also find on Google Tague's work at Bruvel Fine Arts, where you will see a larger edition of this image selling for $6,500 (!). Here's an excerpt from the BBC coverage: "Dan Tague may not be the first artist to point out the central role money plays in American politics and culture, but few have used the currency itself to illustrate their argument so effectively. After his studio was ruined by the flooding which devastated New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Tague had a lot of time on his hands. He used that time and those hands to start folding dollar bills - and in doing so came across a new way of both expressing his frustration and making a political statement." I think this statement is particularly powerful considering what we as a nation have just been through politically. And unlike some, it's really uplifting. Tague's "We Need a Revolution" folded bill image became a poster image for the Occupy movement, and ironically, also for the Tea Party movement (he had them stop using it). This is #3 in an edition of only 10.