Ellsworth Woodward

The Violinist (by the "Southern Art Renaissance"), 1895
10 x 13.75 in
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Many of you clicking on this are probably doing so because you know of Ellsworth Woodward, who with his brother William Woodward around the turn of the 20th century sparked an arts renaissance in the South, the arts and culture in general having been mostly moribund since the dispiriting defeat experienced in the Civil War. I won't bog you down with lots of detail here since all you have to do is Google his name to bring up a wealth of information about him. He is most famous for his leadership of the arts program at Newcomb College in New Orleans, and its famous Newcomb Pottery (these ceramics now bring thousands of dollars - I have two vases in my inventory). This drawing is very likely from a sketchbook. Unsigned, but came as part of a portfolio of his drawings I acquired earlier this year, so is definitely by Woodward.