Charles Collins

The Prince, 2024
Acrylic Paint
11 x 24 in
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Charles Collins is a true Renaissance man. From a family of New Orleans artists, he chose to pursue a career as a pathologist, attending medical school in New Orleans and becoming part of a successful practice. However, he is also an accomplished painter and writer (currently working on his third book of fiction). His paintings show the influence of his late mother’s mid-century style, but also (as he explains it) his many years of examining slides of human cells and tissue. This wonderful painting "The Prince" shows Collins' typical conflation of abstraction and representation. It measures 11" x 14”, a standard canvas size that is very easy to find a modestly-priced frame of your choice for online if you do not want to go the custom route.

Proudly offered by Guy Lyman Fine Art of New Orleans, with our firm guarantee.