George Vuillard

The Banquet, Late 20th Century
Oil Paint
30.75 x 41.25 in

This painting by French artist George Vuillard has such a perfect Impressionist feeling about it to me, and reminds me of Manet in particular. Vuillard is a modern painter trained in old-school techniques, adept at employing them and committed to charming scenes from an earlier time. I was captivated at first sight by this banquet scene, which instead of being a generic genre painting wonderfully captures all the feelings we all have had in similar circumstances: the awkward small talk, the gossip, the solicitous beau, the two gentlemen standing their stolidly with nothing to say to one another, and the guy in the back peering over the offerings with that choosy "what will I pick?" look. In the back room, things appear to be a bit more lively. Painted on a wood panel in a VERY expensive heavy gilt-and-plaster frame that you basically cannot have made today. Painting itself is 24.25" x 20.25" ; frame dimensions 31.25" x 27.25".