G. Mille

Swan, 1986
17 x 16 x 30 in
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In addition to the professional photos here, I have added some "home made" ones that I think better show off the exquisite character of the wood the artist used to create this large, elegant swan. I am guessing he or she began with this beautiful piece of hardwood and decided the shape lent itself to a swan, perhaps due to a branch extending from the main body of the wood - and went from there. Note that this is a large sculpture and not a bauble for the mantel - it measures 30" and weighs nearly 40 pounds - a big showpiece! I bought it in New Orleans and wouldn't be surprised if the artist were French Cajun (the last name Mille would fit) working with wood from the Louisiana swamps. But I have been unable to find out more about the artist, sadly.