Still Life With Bouquets (Ukrainian, signed), 1960-1969
Oil Paint
10 x 15 in
I acquired this charming and wonderfully well painted Impressionist still life back when I was buying a lot of art from a dealer in Ukraine. Unfortunately I didn't have him translate the painters' names and painting titles out of Cyrillic for all of them, and that is the case with this one. But the fact is, despite the incredible talent of painters in that country, few are known in the West anyway. Most artists there are poor, and can't market their paintings. The majority I bought were painted on a heavy cardboard, as this one is, due to the lack of money and materials. I'd say this was painted in the 1960's or 1970's. I have backed the painting with a panel of clear Plexiglas so you can see the signature and inscription. The piece is nicely framed and ready to hang. Note the Van Gogh-ish heavy, confident strokes, and the wonderful balance of colors. Wish I could find more of this sort of art; my contact disappeared and I just have not been able to get any.