George Rodrigue

Starry, Starry Eyes (Blue Dog), Signed, Framed, 1991
39 x 33 in
George Rodrigue's now iconic Blue Dog in all his glory. No need to catch you up on the fame and backstory of these if you're already aware, but if not, there's a ton on the Internet to read. This is a signed artist's proof, professionally and expensively double-matted and framed, with museum glass. Condition is perfect. Strangely there is no category for "silkscreen" to choose from here, so I had to choose "lithograph," but this is a silkscreen, not a lithograph. This is from an edition of only 175. It is a sizable blue dog, measuring 39" x 33" in its frame (print is 31" x 25"). This print is illustrated in the catalogue raisonne, 1970 - 2007 (New York, Abrams, 2008) p. 54.