C. Bellini 1800s

Ships Leaving the Harbour, Late 19th Century
Oil Paint
34 x 54 in
A gorgeous antique painting of boats sailing out of a harbor, with a magnificent hand-carved plaster-and-guilt frame of the type you just rarely see anymore, with a wonderful provenance, from the 1800's. It was descended in the family of Rafael C. and Ethel Regan Goyeneche, Sr., of Mexico City, Mexico; Havana, Cuba; and New Orleans, Louisiana. I have included photos of Rafael and his wife. Rafael was a prominent international architect and a great collector. Rather than re-typing his glamorous story here, I have included a photo of his background from an auction catalogue. You can simply expand it should you like to read it. The sensational frame, impossible to have made at any price anymore, had only a few missing bits, which have been repaired. Please note that like many antique paintings this one has extensive craquelure - those tiny spiderweb cracks in the paint. Some people are bothered by craquelure, others aren't. I'm a dealer and collector, and I'm not; the Mona Lisa has it. This painting is currently in a position of honor in my front studio, so obviously I'm quite fond of it. Craquelure can be treated with a wax treatment, but it never bothers me enough to worry with it. Please also note that shipping will be expensive due to the large, fragile frame; a crate will have to be built. I'd estimate the shipping will come in at around $1,000. If you happen to live within striking distance of New Orleans, however, you can save that money by planning a fun trip here to pick it up! The dimensions provided are the FRAMED dimensions. (Unframed, 20" x 39").

C. Bellini

C. Bellini was born in Italy in the 1800s, and is perhaps related to Giovanni Bellini, the Italian Renaissance painter who brought a richly tinted, sensuous style to Venetian painting. C. Bellini painted luminous seascapes with fishing boats.


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