A. S. Miles

Seated Woman, 1890-1899
Oil Paint
27.50 x 21.50 in
A stunning oil painting by Annie Stewart Miles (fl. 1888 - 1907), of a melancholy girl in 17th-century dress with a black crow perched symbolically on the arm of her chair. She holds a handkerchief in her hand. Miles painted this in the Pre-Raphaelite style, and it was typical of this school of painting to hearken back to earlier periods. The crow can be either a symbol of magic and mystery, or of bad luck and death (as in Poe - and for all I know this is a raven and not a crow!). This painting has such a powerful presence to it - for me, not morbid at all, just deep and pensive - and so well-painted. 27.5”h x 21.5"w (24"h x 18"w unframed)