Seascape, Late 20th Century
Oil Paint
29.50 x 36.25 in
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I wish I knew who painted this dramatic Romantic seascape depicting a rough surf crashing on the rocky shores of some volcanic island. The sea is entirely convincing, as is the brooding sky, with a yellowish glow framing a tall peak. A mist between the peaks adds to a spirit of drama and foreboding. The essence of the Romantic spirit - I immediately think Beethoven! We have photographed a repaired tear on the upper left in the spirit of full disclosure; in person, you will actually have trouble finding it unless you are carefully looking for it. So it is not distracting at all. When I first looked at the painting when considering purchasing it, I had to be told it was there and have it pointed out to me. It didn't bother me a bit. A large and very dramatic painting that would be a real attention-getter in an office or over a mantel. Beautifully painted, really masterful. 29.5"h x 36.25"w (23.25"h x 30"w unframed)