Lula Ameen 1921-1992

Sciamera Produce (New Orleans French Quarter), Late 20th Century
21 x 30 in
An evocative watercolor that really captures the "old New Orleans" feeling. Much of the French Quarter still looks this way. In fact, this is a painting of an "Italian grocery" of the sort that still exists in New Orleans, stocking exotic goods from Italy. Many don't know that much of the New Orleans population is made up of Irish and Italians who came down in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from the East Coast; in fact, they're the source of the New Orleans "yat" accent you hear everywhere. There's this misconception that New Orleanians have a southern or "Cajun" accent; not true. What you hear is a bit of the Bronx, mostly! At any rate, back to the painting - lovely earth tones and deft draftsmanship to sketch out the shoppers and goods at shop level of these 19th-century buildings, which are still here, make this a wonderful memento of the "Big Easy." Expensively framed and ready to hang. Image itself is 13" x 21". 21" x 30", framed.

Lula Ameen

Lula Ameen was born in Raceland, Louisiana and earned a B.A and M.A at Nicholls State University while teaching art at Raceland High School and Raceland Junior High. She then taught at Nicholls for 17 years, and their art gallery is named in her honor. She is known for her delicate and evocative watercolors of New Orleans.


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