Satyress and Her Children, late 19th c.
11 x 9 in
Talk about a conversation piece! A beautifully-wrought sculptural group of a mother satyr with her two children - yes, complete with their hairy legs and hooves! Of course this goes back to the Romans so it's an entirely classical subject, despite its strangeness. We nearly always see the male, adult satyr; but naturally there had to be women and children as well, and here they are! One child is playing the pan flute (naturally!). The other holds a cluster of grapes, and wears a wreath on his head. Superb detail. I'm guessing the date as late 19th century, but it's just a guess. Signed "Levy" but I have not done the research to learn who this is. But an accomplished artist no doubt. In overall very good condition, despite one barely visible thin crack in the right arm that is stable and doesn't detract, and is not a repair.