Frederik Brouwer 1891-1965

River Scene with Village Church (Large), 1920
Oil Paint
39 x 55 in
This Dutch river scene is so large, vibrant and eye-catching that it caught my eye immediately in a room full of paintings. As you can see, I photographed it outside my studio so the colors are accurate. There's a village scattered along the edge of either a broad river or small lake, and we can see a few cottages, a church and a windmill. I lived in Holland for a year (the Netherlands, as it's now called) and there are still scenes like this! Some villagers are going about their daily tasks here; a woman in traditional garb is washing clothes at the water's edge, and a group of men are working on a boat. Painting is a sizable 39" x 55" framed, canvas measures 31" x 47". Normal craquelure for its age. Comes in a fine antique gilded wood frame.

Frederik Brouwer

Frederik Brouwer was born in the Netherlands in 1891. He painted detailed, evocative oil landscapes of his home, and died in 1965. Only in 2021 did his expressive work begin to go to auction.


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