Gaspar Miro y Lleo

River Scene, 1900-1909
Oil Paint
24 x 30 in

A delightful river scene painted by Gaspar Miro Y LLeo (1859 - 1930). As with some others of his paintings he didn't sign this one, so I'm going on the reputation of the dealer from whom I acquired it. It is certainly the right quality, period and style, so I have no reason at all to think otherwise. It's a river view with a man in a rowboat passing a landing where three men in hats are assembled amidst pink flowers. A tree branch arching over the river frames the top of the painting. A grey mountain looms in the background. Assured brushstrokes, with a lot of texture and impasto. 24" x 30 " with frame, 18" x 24" canvas only.