Chad Smalt 1980-

Ritual, 2000-2009
Acrylic Paint
20 x 16 in
This fascinating landscape has been in my personal collection for some time now. I never could figure out how the artist managed to achieve this photographic yet ghostly effect with acrylic paint. The telephone poles appear almost to be part of this "ritual" scene that is in reality just a landscape. As you get closer to the surface of this painting, it becomes more and more abstract - as you can see in one of the pics.
Presented in a simple, elegant float frame. Dimensions given include frame.

Chad Smalt

Chad Smalt was born in New York. He dabbled in art in high school, but a Drawing 1 class with Dave Higgins solidified his interest. Now, he paints “because he can’t think of anything better to do”; he advises young artists not to pursue art unless they care about it. Smalt’s work is personal; he often paints nostalgic childhood scenes. Smalt manipulates oil paint into photographic realism, delineating light and shadow with subtle precision or melts paint into dreamy abstract landscapes. His ghostly landscapes resemble the paintings of American Realists such as Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper, and the minimalist color-field compositions of Mark Rothko. He has also written several multimedia stories. “Chad once thought he saw something in the distance,” he writes about himself; “no one believes it is still there, but he is still trying to paint it today.”


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