Marianna Canu

Rebus: The Garden, Day 5 - Night, 2023
48 x 48 in
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From the dealer: Marianna Canu grew up in Italy and became a very successful artist and jewelry designer both there and later, in the U.S. (see bio below). Her paintings completely sell out to those familiar with her work, so they have not had a chance for broader (national and international) exposure. We suggested she begin showing them here to provide an opportunity for international collectors to see and collect her extraordinary work.

Artist's Statement - about this series:

"Imagine taking a walk through a garden, but instead of couples dancing under the trees or people playing with their kids, it is your whole life. The moment you came into this world, the moment you gained consciousness, and the further you go, you go deeper into your life. This is Rebus."

Artist's Statement - about this painting:

Rebus: The Garden, Day 5

"I love the night. The silence it brings allows me to reconnect with myself and to just live in the moment. This is exactly what my mind was going through while creating this piece. As you can see by the colors that I chose, this is what nighttime looks like in my vision of the Garden of Rebus. Silent and peaceful."

From the artist: about my work

“I communicate with my canvas. I consider the canvas as a whole and I don’t stop painting until I have nothing else to say. I take a few steps back and I immediately know if I have fully expressed myself or not. I’m an Impressionist; everything I paint is a feeling or a product of my imagination. All my work is created with the brush and oils, and I like to incorporate texture and create my own color palette. I can’t imagine my life without a canvas. Art makes me conscious of the things that I cannot see. Art is my oxygen.”


Marianna Canu is an Italian painter, jewelry designer and writer. She was born in 1971 on the island of Sardinia, Italy into a family of painters, metal smiths and architects. She grew up living and breathing art. At the age of five, she began handcrafting jewelry and experimenting with colors and paintings. Roman architecture and geometric forms inspired her, resulting in stunning and unique jewelry designs and patterns. In 1990 she began her career as a jewelry designer, but never abandoned her true passion: painting. Her designs provoked the attention and enthusiasm of a very involved audience and soon she found herself designing and producing jewelry for upscale boutiques and jewelry stores in the elite tourist resorts of Sardinia. “Designing jewelry is an art form, it is a perfect marriage of emotional expression and craftsmanship,” she says. Marianna’s experience extends beyond the canvas and jewelry. She has worked on TV as a show host for a Sardinian channel, and she has also been in TV commercials and held a role in the American movie “Baretta’s Island.” In 1999, after spending three years in New York, Marianna made the decision to move to New Orleans to establish her jewelry company and galleries. It was shortly after introducing her designs to the American market that she was noted for her collections such as Galaxy, Aphrodite, Connectivity and Libellula, the latter inspired by her son Riccardo. Her work was carried in more than 200 stores across America, and has been purchased by TV stars, politicians and Hollywood celebrities including Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jane Seymour, Nicolas Cage, Blake Lively, Claire Danes, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sharon Stone. She designed the jewelry for the Krewe of Excalibur for two years and for local clothing designers. In 2005 Marianna received an award nomination for best jewelry design at the Alpha Awards in Las Vegas. Her work was considered “unique, dramatic and edgy.” Between 2002 and 2010, Marianna opened four jewelry stores. Her paintings were incorporated in the décor of each gallery. Her creative streak kept leading her attention to her paintings. In 2011 she began dedicating her time to painting and writing. She has worked with mixed media and acrylic, but her focus is oil on canvas. She is a modern Impressionist painter with an edgy twist. Her paintings are colorful and dynamic. She is best known for her skylines and trees. Her work has been represented in several New Orleans galleries and has been commissioned by art collectors in Europe and United States to bring their vision to life. In 2018 she was commissioned by Louis Vuitton to paint unique custom artwork for the special Mother’s Day Event. Her colors have a unique intensity and warmth; every color used in her paintings is altered several times to achieve this end, and her painting process involves six or seven layers of paint. “I like to add a certain amount of texture to my paintings,” she says. “I see harmony in it. Colors give me comfort. Everything I transfer into my paintings is what I am and what I see. I leave a part of myself in each of my paintings. I have used everything from paint brush, to pallet knife, to my hands, and even at times have dipped the ends of my hair for a wispy personal touch. I feel one with the canvas.” Marianna believes art is the way to express her inner emotions. “I communicate with my canvas; I consider the canvas as a whole and I don’t stop painting until I have nothing else to say. I take a few steps back and I immediately know if I have fully expressed myself or not. I don’t like to copy from nature because I feel that it interferes with my imaginative process. Everything I paint is a feeling or a product of my imagination. I am very passionate. I believe passion is the key to everything. I don’t believe in imperfections: when I’m painting, I see only beauty. I can’t imagine my life without a canvas. Art is my oxygen.”

Exhibitions include:

Creason’s Fine Art
Dee Dee Martin Gallery
Steve Martin Fine Art