Emmanuel Babak

Pinnacle III (Collage), 2000-2009
Varnish,Acrylic Paint,Archival Paper
28 x 22 in
Emmanuel Babak creates these complex collaged works that are like dimensional versions of something out of Kandinsky. The collaged shapes are somehow pressed together and given a sheen with some sort of varnish or lacquer. The finished impression is quite arresting. His works typically sell for between $1,000 and $1,500 at auction, but I can see where this one is not in pristine condition (though no problems significant enough to bother me and certainly nothing noticeable when framed and behind plexi or glass as works on paper generally are); and a bit of trimming of the white area has been done so it can be framed in a conventional frame of 28" x 22" rather than having to be expensively custom-framed due to the off-size. Due to these minor detractions I have priced it at half the typical auction price for Babak's work - so it is a chance to get a work with some real wall-power at a bargain price!