Paul Renard

Paris Street Scene, Early 20th Century
Oil Paint
15.50 x 21 in
A Paul Renard (1871 - 1920, French) painting awfully similar to this one, but a bit larger, sold at auction in 2016 in New Orleans for $6,000 (see photo of auction record). At any rate, it's a vivid, detailed, colorful view of Paris in the early 1900's, painted at that time. You can't ask for a view that's much more classic: the Left Bank along the Seine where you can see booksellers and other street merchants, and in the background, Notre Dame. I have walked along this stretch often. Behind you would be le Quartier Latin, full of students, where Hemingway and his pals hung out - and Sylvia Beach's bookstore. Romantic for sure! Comes in a nice gilt frame; actual size of canvas is 10.5" x 16". Signed lower right.