Paul Renard

Paris Promenade, 20th Century
14 x 18 in
A charming, beautifully framed and ready to hang gouache on panel by highly-listed Parisian artist Paul Renard. One of two Paris scenes I currently have on offer by Renard. Actual gouache measures 7.5" x 11.5". Frame has a few dings - not enough to bother me, I'd keep the frame and save my $200! About Paul Renard, as quoted on AskArt: "The art of Paul Renard, who was born in 1941, can best described as a true love story. He remained faithful his entire live to painting the soft scenes that he saw around him as a boy of the bustling sidewalks of Paris. He applied his sensitive and consuming fascination, with seeking to capture the beauty of French city life and country rivers on canvas as he saw them right up until his recent death. Renard wanted other to sense, see and feel what he spent his life adoring. Also, as in the greatest of love stories, Renard patiently studied and savored every nuance of his chosen affection. From the magnificence of lush river scenes of his birthplace in La Grenouillere, to the life swollen Parisian streets, his magic brush strokes entice the viewer to experience the evanenscence of the life he knew." Source: Art Brokerage