Philip Sage

Olympia Brass Band, 1974
29 x 35 in

Those of you familiar with the New Orleans art scene probably know the name Philip Sage, very well known for his etchings in particular. But this is something you just don't see every day. It's the actual copper plate used for an edition of etchings depicting the famous Olympia Brass Band of New Orleans. (Sorry for the mediocre photos; hard to shoot.) The large, heavy copper plate itself has been elaborately (and expensively) matted and framed, so you can see the intricate carving into the copper now highlighted with black ink from the press. More detailed in person - again, sorry, hard to photograph behind the glass. Signed by the artist with 'Cancelled Plate" signed on the lower left. I have included a photo of one of the prints made from this etching, which I own and which is available separately if you prefer an actual print.