Mallard, Early 20th Century
Oil Paint
27 x 21 in
A still life of a mallard, presented in 19th-century style (I'm guessing this is early 20th-century), for your favorite duck hunter! Painted with wonderful detail on artist's board. Why the low price? Two reasons: one, I don't know the name of the artist (too bad!). The other is minor blemishes, which as you can see detract very little from the painting. In case you can't see them, in fact - there is some very minor surface rubbing, and a small repaired crack in the right corner of the artist's board. Again, they don't detract from the overall impression of the painting, and enable you to buy it for half of what it would be otherwise, and that is why I happily bought this piece. As with everything I sell, please send it back to me if you are unhappy in ANY way. Nicely framed in a pecky-wood style frame that suits the piece well.