Hazel Guggenheim McKinley

Last Summer (by artist sister of Peggy Guggenheim, niece of Solomon), 1966
Crayon, Watercolor, Graphite
23 x 28 in
You might know Hazel Guggenheim McKinley as the niece of Solomon Guggenheim (of museum fame), or as the sister of Peggy Guggenheim (greatest collector of the 20th century), or as eccentric wife of many husbands, or for having (possibly?) pushed her kids off the roof of a high-rise (!!). But she was above all an artist, having actually showed in the legendary "Art of this Century" show of 1946. She received her art education and later exhibited all over the world, her connections naturally helping her career more than a little. I have photographed the placard on back of the picture that tells more about her, but there is plenty on Google should you wish to look her up. At any rate, this is a delightful mixed media drawing called "Last Summer," done in 1966, signed and dated. Wonderful colors and expressionistic strokes. It comes matted and framed -- measuring 23" x 28" with frame, drawing alone is 14" x 20".