Edmond de Schampheleer

Landscape with Fisherman and Windmill (Large), Late 19th Century
Oil Paint
39 x 59 x 4.50 in
The frame alone on this Belgian landscape is one of the finest I have EVER seen -- by far, the finest I have ever OWNED of probably over 1,000. But let's save that for later and talk about the main thing, the painting. It's a quiet, serene scene of a fisherman on a placid lagoon (presumably in Belgium, where the painter lived and worked), with the requisite windmill in back. This wasn't nostalgia, because at the time this was painted there were still working windmills that were not simply picturesque. I'd have to say what I love most about this scene is the rendering of the sky - I have included a close-up so you can see the accomplished use of impasto to render the lit edges of the puffy clouds. There is a wonderful sharpness to this painting; though Impressionism had already filtered through the art world, including the Low Countries, Schampheleer (the painting is signed) continued to paint in the Academic style. Now back to the frame: it's as a WHOLE - the painting WITH frame - that I think this piece is really astounding - you get a good sense of its impact from the full shot with frame. This large piece is powerful enough to create a presence that will suffuse a fine living or dining room with old-world dignity and charm. Of course wood and plaster frames of this quality aren't made by anyone anymore, and I'd be afraid to guess what it's worth by itself. I could likely remove and re-frame the painting, and sell the frame separately as a mirror here in Old New Orleans for more than I am asking for the combination now. But it would be shameful to separate the two, since someone loved this painting enough to grace it with the incredible frame. And, the painting does not at all seem "lesser" than its frame: it certainly can hold its own, as it is just wonderfully painted. This is a large and heavy painting -- you might consider taking a fun trip to New Orleans, save the shipping and spend the savings on our wonderful food and hospitality! (It did fit in the back of my SUV.) Framed size is an impressive 39" H x 59" W. Without frame, 23" x 44".