Landscape with Cows, Late 19th Century
Oil Paint
20.50 x 26.50 in
I bought this gorgeous antique landscape years ago out of the collection of wealthy California collector J. Wiser when his estate was being sold following his death. The painting is unsigned, and the artist remains a mystery to me. A sticker on the back says “Landscape – Shanen” but I can find nothing about an artist by this name. As you can see, the artist’s technique is absolutely superb and convincing. This is particularly evidenced in the very small figures of the Impressionistically-painted cows at the watering hole, and the tone gradients of the hillside rising in the background. Painting has a stamp showing it to have been re-framed in Beverly Hills in 1960, in a carved wood frame. 21"h x 27"w (14.5"h x 20.5" unframed)