Sergei Sidorov

Lake Scene, 2000-2009
Oil Paint
30.25 x 35.50 in

This is one of 14 paintings (now mostly sold) I purchased from a dealer in Ukraine, who got them from an elderly painter who was evidently very well-regarded in Ukraine but unknown outside of the country (as most even good painters are). Half of the lot of paintings I received sold here as soon as I got them. They're obviously superb. The painter had shown in all sorts of venues and museums in Ukraine. He had a lot of work stored, and I was trying to get as much of it as I could, and an exclusive to be his dealer in the U.S., when my contact got cancer and had to go somewhere in Russia for treatment. After that, communication with him became sketchy, and then ended. I knew no way of getting in touch with the artist directly - and, at any rate, I had been told he was holding on to his work so he could show it in his old age, and wasn't easy about letting any more of it go. So the last few paintings I am putting up for sale (there are two others) are the last I will ever have. 30.25”h x 35.5”w (28”h x 33”w unframed)