Jean Marc Clouet

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, New Orleans, 21st Century
Oil Paint
40 x 40 in
A large, beautifully-rendered scene of a carriage horse stopped in front of the famous Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, now a great bar in the French Quarter and a legendary place that is one of the oldest extant in New Orleans. It is rumored that this shop was a front for pirate Jean Lafitte, and that he met here with military officials to discuss the help of his pirates in defending New Orleans against the British. In the early 1900's, poor Irish and Italian dock-workers would stop by for a whiskey shot on the way to work in the morning. Initials and dates going way, way back are carved into some of the bricks inside. The building looks much the same today as it always has; I stop by there for a cocktail from time to time myself! If you love New Orleans, it would be hard to think of a painting more in the spirit of the city than this. The painting is "gallery-wrapped", meaning the image actually extends around the edges, so it does not need framing, but can be framed if you prefer.