Lady in a Hat, Early 20th Century
Oil Paint
22 x 20 in
A portrait of a woman, probably in clothing from the time when this was painted. I don't know enough about fashion to date it! This would be supported by the nails used to secure the canvas to the stretcher, and the aging of the canvas itself. At any rate -- not only is the rendering of this young lady beautifully done, right down to the eyes, which always betray an amateur -- the lady herself is simply lovely, radiating a soft sweetness. I typically don't acquire paintings of, say, someone's random aunt or father. But when the subject is so attractive, the portrait becomes classical and it really doesn't matter who it is. Of course, you could always pretend it's your grandmother and collect lots of compliments! The painting IS signed but unfortunately, the name cannot be made out. Unframed, so you can frame it to fit your furnishing style.