Gunner Dongieux

Gunner Dongieux, "All Quiet on the Western Front" (Large), -2010
Mixed Media,Acrylic Paint
60 x 48 in
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A large and endlessly entertaining painting combining acrylic and collage, by important emerging artist Gunner Dongieux (New Orleans, San Francisco). Part of the Breakup Series, which consisted of five 5ft by 4ft canvases depicting the artist and pop culture icons, delving into internal conflicts and relationship dynamics. Dongieux employs self portraiture and hidden collaged images to create what he calls "an immersive layered experience." His likeness appears in the painting, as in many of his works; Bella Thorne is the central femme fatal here. From a review of this series: “Utilizing a unique blend of pop culture, art history, and self portraiture, the artist takes a tongue-in-cheek look into modern relationships. Playing with the audience's sense of perception, the artist uses hidden collaged images, rich in symbolism, to create captivating narratives.” From the artist: "It’s reminiscent of English artist Richard Hamilton’s 1956 collage "Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes so Different, so Appealing?" This work has been widely dubbed as the first work of pop art to achieve iconic status, partially due to its innovative technique of piecing together images from various sources to create a unified depiction of modern life. I was drawn to its humor and wit, and became fascinated with how Hamilton transformed mundane images and symbols of pop culture to create art." Dongieux' artwork has been exhibited at Sutton Galleries, 5 Press Gallery, and The Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, in addition to numerous privately-hosted shows in New Orleans and San Francisco. He won Best in Show at the 2017 CAC exhibition ‘Revoir: To See Again’ with his collage painting "No More Parties in LA."