Gregory Korga

Gregory Korga "Large Still Life With Pewter and Rose", 1960-1969
Oil Paint
33 x 38 in
Gyorgy Korga (Hungarian, born 1935) was a notable member of a group of Eastern European painters who in the mid-to-late 20th century rebelled against abstract paintings with a style of ultra-realism and detail. What I find remarkable about Korga’s paintings is that yes, they are extremely detailed, but he also manages to create an effect of Surrealism - much as Dali did in his mixture of fine detail with Surrealism. The details of the carved pewter are eerily exact. When you look at this painting, you can tell there is something “extra” about it beyond the typical still life that is painted well and accurately. How one achieves that additional surreal dimension still escapes me, even after looking at untold thousands of paintings - sort of the same way Hopper manages to evoke loneliness with paint like nobody else. 33”h x 38”w (24”h x 28.25”w unframed)