Martin Coulaud

Girl Tending Geese by Martin Coulaud c. 1885, Late 19th Century
Oil Paint
24 x 31 in
An exceptionally sweet and beautifully painted 19th-century antique painting of a girl tending her flock of geese in the French countryside. By the time this was painted, the Impressionists had already shaken things up with a new style of painting. But the French Academy was still strong, and traditional paintings continued to dominate the market. This being said, you can see some influence of Post-Impressionism in the use of small blotches of unblended color. To this day, in fact, even with modern art movements, beautiful representational landscapes such as this continue to delight. Of course, antique European paintings of this quality have a special resonance. Without frame, 18.25" x 25.75". With frame, 24" x 31".