Girl in Field, 1900-1909
Oil Paint
18 x 22 in
This beautiful French painting is a mystery, in that despite its very high quality I can’t discover anything about the painter. Is the signature “Pongue?” The first name is given as well, but to me it is indecipherable. Do some research and maybe you will find it to be a hidden treasure. I have priced it at reasonably as a very well-painted decorative antique French painting. At any rate a beautiful painting is a beautiful painting. It was painted on artist’s board, I’m guessing around the turn of the 20th century. It depicts a little girl in a hat sitting out in a field, with a bucolic scene in the background that includes her rustic home and cows grazing nearby. Pink flowering trees are set off by a forest edge, with three cedars jutting above it. A lovely Impressionist scene. 18” x 22” with large wooden frame and lining, 11.5” x 16” painting only.