Farmer Leading His Cows Home
Oil Paint
15.50 x 21 in
A wonderfully painted bucolic scene of a farmer accompanying his cows back to his village along a country dirt road. I bought this years ago from a dealer in Scandinavia; the scene is likely either there, or somewhere in northern Europe. The painting is signed, but I just can't make it out - so the artist remains a mystery, at least to me. On the edge of the canvas, on the back, is written "Lady Kennard" - the original owner, would be my guess. There is a "Lady Kennard" who was a bright light of the British aristocracy and close friend (and distant cousin) of the queen, and as there are not that many women going by "Lady Kennard" running about, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. The date '55 on the back would be about right for her; she'd have been 36 years old at that point. Dimension give is with frame.