Kathleen Briggs

Eye Jumper #8 (Vintage Op Art), Late 20th Century
Acrylic Paint
17 x 18 in
"Op Art" was a movement in the 1960's that used geometric patterns to create unique optical effects. Though I haven't been able to find anything about this painter, Kathleen Briggs, she was obviously talented at it. And as this painting is titled "Eye Jumper #8," she was obviously no dabbler, but had created at least seven other variations in this series of paintings alone! The Op Art paintings never fail to fascinate those walking by them when you have one in your collection. The mat is not in good shape, but I left the painting in the frame to at least provide protection for its journey to you, and if you choose to keep the frame you can simply change out the mat. Unframed, the painting is 14" x 15". It is painted on canvas-board.