Evelyn Metzger

Evelyn Metzger "Still Life with Pears", 20th Century
Oil Paint
20 x 26 in
One of three paintings I acquired by notable heiress and accomplished painter Evelyn Metzger. Included with the painting is a large, full-color, hardcover coffee table book covering the life and paintings of the artist (see photo). (The book is used, as it is now out of print.) Metzger was dazzling both in high society and on the easel. This is very unusual, because while many high-society women have dabbled in art, Metzger was a very serious painter, both prolific and highly talented. She painted in a post-Impressionist style, as seen clearly in this still life, but also in others as her career progressed – including Cubism and even pure abstraction. She travelled with her husband all over the world in style, painting where she went, and had solo shows in a long list of prominent museums and galleries (as detailed in the accompanying book). Her works are in the permanent collection of dozens of American museums (too many to name). With frame 20” x 26” (painting alone 19” x 24”).