Hector Laza Cepero

En El Descanso, 21st Century
Oil Paint
23.50 x 21.50 in

A super-realistic oil painting characteristic of the work of Havana artist Hector Cepero. Note not only the objects here, but the wall in the background - you can almost FEEL the texture. Please view the close-up: I paint, and while I admire his rendering of the objects and could never match it myself, I just don't understand how anyone can capture a surface in the way he does that wall, with its graffiti, patina and layers of aging paint and dust. You wonder how much money artists of this caliber could make were they to leave Cuba and move to New York or L.A. . . .sigh . . . well, as long as he is in Cuba he's affordable. 23.5 x 21.5 with frame, 22.5 x 20.5 without.