Leo Meiersdorff

Chef Paul, 1991
Watercolor on paper
30 x 22 in
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If you’re a New Orleanian you have seen many pictures in this style, but this is the artist who originated it, and he is still incomparable. Though the great majority of what you see out there is prints, this is an ORIGINAL. Meiersdorff made a lot of art about jazz, but here, he celebrates the other most important aspect of life in the Crescent City: FOOD! Is this Chef Paul Prudhomme? I remember him later, with a shorter and more grizzled beard. At any rate, it’s a humourous, wonderfully painted conversation piece about one of the many glories of New Orleans — the food — and I wouldn’t be surprised if this one sells to one of the many who, while not living here, come here MOSTLY to eat!
Dimensions given include frame.