Bridge Over the Seine, Paris (Large), Late 19th Century
Oil Paint
43 x 53 in

A large, very striking late 19th-century oil painting of a bridge over the fabled Seine in Paris. Some astute traveler will know exactly which bridge this is, based on the church in the background. What I love about this painting is that the scene is not overly idealized, as so many Paris panitings are. You see all the working-class bustle and activity going on: a barge passing beneath the bridge, carrying its load and puffing smoke; some boatmen inspecting a load of something or another along the quaie; a gendarme pausing to say hello to one of them; and so on. You can see from the photo of the back that the painting was attributed by someone or another to a 19th-century painter named Henry John Terry, but this seems extremely unlikely to me. For one thing, Terry painted mostly watercolors, and a lot smaller. His style was also different (to me, this is much better). I wish I could make out the signature; this artist can REALLY paint. It comes in an elaborate, solid wood gold frame, perhaps original, certainly quite expensive. A chance to put a very large, very impressive and finely painted French Impressionist piece, painted during the actual period, in your home for under $5,000. Plan a trip to New Orleans, have some fun, save on shipping and pick it up from me personally! 43" x 53" with frame, 36" x 45.5" unframed.