Blue Ridge (large), 2000
Mixed Media
42 x 36 in
A large, expensively float-framed, powerful mixed media painting by John Pavlicek. On the artist's website, I found the following: "In the tradition of Kurt Schwitters and Georges Braque, Mr. Pavlicek continues the exploration of technique and possibilities offered by collage. He incorporates paper, fabrics, dry pigments, gold leaf and found materials to create works of depth and presence." What appears at first glance to be a simple collage is at closer inspection full of subtlety. I photographed it in bright light so you can see the delicate shifts in tone and texture. I am not sure how he got his flat, almost grainy surface (perhaps dry pigments?), but it is masterful. The description above mentions Schwitters and Braque, but at first glanced I thought of some of Motherwell's collages. 36" x 30", framed 42" x 36".