Water Dance

Water Dance

photographs by:

Kathy Gamble Walkley


November 12, 2016


Artist Bio:

After falling in love with photography at a young age, I would shoot anything and eveything, mostly in black & white. Black & white images are pure and intellectual. Black & white has a depth that cannot be matched. However, as time has swept by, I tend to see the colors that surround me differently. They dance in my head in the most unlikely places…… in a tiny section of a wine glass or in the light that dances on a river. Sometimes there are images to create from tree branches, or patterns on moss, or even the ceiling of a building as light pours through the open spaces.

Life is magical and beautiful, but even when it takes us to the depths of hell and pain, there is light and color to uplift our souls. It is light that touches my soul. It is color that brings back my magic.