Les Schmidt

Dorothy Jean

Photos by:

Les Schmidt

In case you missed it, the opening Saturday, September 26th went exceptionally well! We had a couple hundred people though the doors & put plenty of red dots on the walls. We had an another amazing show on Art for Art’s Sake.

To see photos from the shows click here.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it such a successful night and to Bouligny Tavern for providing delicious food for the opening.

Artist Statement:

“These photographs are part of a series I began two years ago. After my mother’s passing, I was left with flowers sent by friends and family. My mother would press flowers and save them, and this association engendered a larger project. Instead of pressing them and trying to preserve them, I gathered more bouquets and watched them wither. As they languished, I was struck by their incredible fragility. Each bouquet became personified — I saw friends and family in each stem. Wilting lilies became my grandmother’s paper thin skin, red petals were my aunt’s lips, stained with her signature fiery red lipstick, and so on. As humans, we tend to personify everything, often without realizing it. It may just be a way to process or make sense of the strangeness of living and dying, but there’s something really beautiful in that personification, even if the flowers themselves are not. This series is also about rituals, and how we as humans depend on them for comfort. The process of selecting and “nurturing” these flowers became very ceremonial, akin to caring for a loved one.”

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